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Sacred Canyon Lodge
Spring is bringing life to Canyon De Chelly. The Sacred Canyon Lodge is the only hotel inside the park. Call the hotel direct at 928-674-5841 or 800-679-2473.
Offset Your Carbon Emissions

Travel is a rewarding and enriching activity that helps us understand our planet and its people. When you visit the Sacred Canyon Lodge we encourage you to purchase carbon offsets to preserve our planet for the beauty of future generations. You can calculate your carbon footprint and offset your activity here.

Ya’at’eeh, I am privileged to welcome you to a sacred place for my people, the Diné. As Navajo we believe that our people journeyed through three worlds in various forms of being before emerging from Mother Earth into this world, the Sparkling World. My name is Armanda Ortega and I am of the Kiy`anníí (Towering House) Clan.
Rural Route 7 Chinle AZ 86503; 1-800-679-2473